Modelling and Simulation

Finite Element Models

Static and quasi-static electric and magnetic field modelling of 3D complex structures. The group is focused on modelling of lightning leaders. Propagative leader models are used to evaluate the efficiency of lightning protection systems.

Low-Frequency Modelling

Current distribution and potential diferences in complex estructures. The group developed modelling techniques for the evaluation of wind turbine blades.

High-Frequency Modelling

Method of Moments: Full wave models in order to simulate the time domain transient response of a complex geometry. We  simulate complex structures like lightning protection sytems, wind turbine baldes, etc. Electromagnetic fields, current distributions and voltage differences are obtained.
Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD): The group developed a 3D code for the simulation of lightning problems with FDTD method.

High-Frequency Modelling for Grounding

Modeling of complex grounding geometries by means of the method of moments. This application allows simulating the transient behavior of grounding obtaining potential and currents.