Lightning High Voltage Testing Laboratory - LABELEC

LABELEC is the INGESCO's laboratory. It has some facilities to carry out different tests. The overview characteristics are:


  • Impulse voltage generator up to 1.2 MV (Lightning Immpulse, Switching impulse, other).

  • Impulse current generator up to 125 kA (10/350 us).

  • Impulse current generator up to 40 kA (8/20 us).

  • Corrossion facilities.

Our group is spezialiced on real structures survey too. This survey focuses on the transient current distribution, potential differences between conducting parts and grounding. Our tests include wind-turbines, wind-turbine blades and airplanes.


One of our relevant successes in the ASIM project (AYA2009-14027-C05-05) is our work in the high voltage laboratory. Thanks to our long term cooperation with INGESCO’s group laboratory (current EPO) we have had access to operate its Marx lightning impulse generator (up to 1 MV). We have had no limit in the time of using the laboratory allowing us to fine investigate the production of x-rays by long sparks in air. During our experiments we gained valuable experience in the high energy production arrangements, measurement and imaging in visible and UV spectrum. Practically, thanks to the laboratory we improved the measurement systems for the portable equipment and the tower.

Portable Equipments

  • Impulse current generator up to 30 kA.

  • Comon mode impulse high voltage probes up to 40 kV

  • Differential mode impulse high voltage probes.

  • Impulse current sensors

  • High voltage function generator up to 5 MHz

  • Current prove from DC to 15 MHz

  • Electrical-to-Optical and Optical-to-Electrical converters.

  • High voltage sweep generators.

  • Network analyzer.