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Instrumented Van

Since 2001 the UPC Lightning Research Group has been carried out campaigns in order to measure different properties of lightning at very close flashes. Thanks to GRI (ESP2007-66542-C04-02) and ASIM (AYA2009-14027-C05-05) we have been able to instrument a vehicle for simultaneous high speed video recordings of close lightning flashes, electromagnetic fields and x-rays emissions.




Thanks to our own thunderstorm forecasts ( and our available real time systems (our own and EPO’s lightning detection networks and EPO’s meteorological radar), we track storms in order to obtain data of the high energy production of lightning leaders at ground level. X-rays detections are simultaneously recorded with video at (10000fps) and electric field. All the measurements are GPS time synchronized in order to match with our total lightning data, and in the future, with the ASIM instruments onboard of the ISS.